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Terms & Conditions of Returns and Refunds


*Goods sold are not returnable nor exchangeable in most cases, small repairs will be done.

If it is deemed beyond repair by the service team. Depend on the damage.

*All the rattan furniture shown here are crafted and finished by hand. As such, no two pieces will be identical or the same.

Please note that it is not recommended for outdoor use without shelter.

*We do not provide a refund if you change your mind, we can offer you an exchange if you return the item

within 7 days in its original, unused condition.


Not covered under this 1 year warranty products that are:

* Stored or assembled incorrectly

* Used inappropriately, abused, or misused

* Cleaned with wrong cleaning methods or products/No chemical usage

* Damaged due to wear and tear

* Damaged due to any impacts or accidents

* Placed at outdoors or in humid environment

* Not under heavy rain or heavy sun

* Customize items not returnable

* Transferred from buyer to another party

* Damaged due to pest infestations.

* If rattan turns moldy & black warranty is voided


Steps of how to maintain a Rattan

  1. Maintaining rattan furniture will require that you keep the pets away from the furniture as they may scratch of the

coating or topple over any fragile components.

  1. Removing stubborn build-up use a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove dust build-up in corners.

Clean under cushions with the vacuum’s crevice tool. Blast compressed air in tight areas to dislodge dust and dirt.

  1. If there is a food stain, drink spill, or muddy paw prints on rattan, they should be cleaned away as soon as possible. Do

not try to rub away these stains because that will push the matter deeper into the woven fibres.

  1. Can use cloth damp in plain water to clean & keep it dry all time.
  2. Do not drag rattan furniture across the floor. Lift rattan furniture evenly from each side to prevent excess stress to

the fibres.

  1. Place rubber caps or felt pads under each leg to prevent excessive wear and splitting.
  2. Avoid placing rattan furniture in environments with excessive humidity or excessively low humidity to keep fibres

well maintained.

  1. Rotate furniture to prevent the sun from causing excessive fading on one side.
  2. Use upholstered cushions in rattan seats to help distribute the sitter’s weight and prevent the rattan from sagging.